Home & Office Lighting

We at FathomLED recognize that technology is moving foward at the speed of light and we are proud to be in the forefront of this technology.

Incadescent lighting has become an energy burden, wasting and eating away at your energy costs.  CFL’s are destroying our landfills due to the mercury found inside.

Enter the LED solution.  Powerful, economical and environmentally friendly, the LED is the most efficient product available today.

Offering previously unheard-of lifespan guarantees as well as power factors never before achieved in previous lighting, FathomLED is proud to offer our latest line up of Home and Office lighting.



(August 10th, 2012 - more available here)

I was in the market for a premier LED light for my 300 gallon reef tank. Luckily, a good friend of mine put me in touch with FathomLED. I purchased four units for my 300 gallon tank. They provided world class customer service. He helped with the install and set up the LED lights in a very professional manner.

The lights are absolutely incredible providing excellent par readings all the way down to the substrate. In my opinion you will be hard pressed to find a better LED light. The FathomLED Series is a supreme LED light that can provide the intensity of light necessary for even the most demanding of corals.