16 X 64 Dots Red & Green Color LED Message Signs

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  • Pixel Pitch (mm) : 7.62
  • Unit board size (W*H*T) :  1015mm * 160mm * 40mm
  • Display resolution : 128×16 pixels
  • Max. Line: 2 lines,  16 English letter per line
  • Pixel configuration : Red & Green color
  • Density of pixel (dots/ pc):  3072
  • Best viewing angle  H: 120°V: 50°
  • Max. power consumption(W/ pc)  ≤75
  • Luminance of white balance  (CD/ m2)  ≥900
  • Driving mode 1/16 Scan Constant current
  • Working voltage: wide voltage input range:
    DC 9v-24V for taxi and bus,
    80V-240V(50Hz-60Hz) for general use (e.g. bank)
  • Working environment Temperature: 40~ +60
  • Related humidity:  10-90RH
  • Control Method: Remote and PC control
  • MTBF:  10,000 hours
  • Life-span: 100,000 hours

Other functions and features:

  1. Multi language: English/Spanish/Russia/Inter.char.set… ..
  2. Display one line/two lines/three lines/four lines English char.
  3. Able to show text, graphics and animation.
  4. Programmable via either remoter or PC.
  5. Port 232/485 communication.
  6. 25 actions (Snow, Spray, Twinkle, Rotate, Scroll, Star Burst, Wipe, Interlock, etc.)
  7. All to run, Auto action, Auto color, Auto center.
  8. Fonts in Block(scans serif),decorative(serif),upper/lower, slim/wide, double.
  9. 9. Build in Clock, Temperature, Brightness sensor.
  10. 4/8 or 16 class Brightness
  11. Communication by GPRS OR GSM Module.( OPTIONAL).
  12. TCP/IP communication (OPTIONAL).


(August 10th, 2012 - more available here)

I was in the market for a premier LED light for my 300 gallon reef tank. Luckily, a good friend of mine put me in touch with FathomLED. I purchased four units for my 300 gallon tank. They provided world class customer service. He helped with the install and set up the LED lights in a very professional manner.

The lights are absolutely incredible providing excellent par readings all the way down to the substrate. In my opinion you will be hard pressed to find a better LED light. The FathomLED Series is a supreme LED light that can provide the intensity of light necessary for even the most demanding of corals.